Gaurav Gupta Talks to Digital Studio about building FutureWorks into India’s foremost post-production companies

Wednesday, 08 March 2017 

As Publislished by Digital Studio Magazine March, 2017

In just 10 years, Gaurav Gupta has built FutureWorks media from the ground up into one of India’s foremost post-production companies.

Gaurav Gupta, the plucky founder and MD of FutureWorks Media, foresaw the complete digitisation of the film industry as early as the late nineties. After completing his BA in Economics (Films) from the University of Michigan, he returned to India to work in his father’s print-film business. “Joining my father’s company not only helped me build contacts in the film industry but also under- stand how film technology really worked,” Gupta said.

Around 2000, everything in the Indian industry revolved around the use of film as a medium with companies having virtually no access to technologies that were prevalent in the West. The use of visual eects in the country was restricted to small numbers de- spite 750-odd movies being made annually. That’s where Gupta saw the opportunity.
“I realised early on that everything would gradually become digital and that eventu- ally all media would be digitised.” Star Wars – Attack of the Clones, which released in 2002, was the first movie to be shot as well as distributed digitally. “That was just the beginning. I could really see that digitisation would tremendously create more demand. Whether it was restoring old stuor creating new media for feature films and television.” 

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