FutureWorks powers India's first Amazon Original 'Inside Edge’

Monday, 10 July 2017 

 For Excel Entertainment’s & Amazon India’s first Original ‘Inside Edge’ FutureWorks was chosen as the post-production and camera rental partner 

They have provided RED Weapon 6K with Cooke S4i Lenses on which the season was shot by ace DoP Sanjay Kapoor. The series has been graded by FutureWorks’ senior colorist Rahul Purav who is known to have worked on Bollywood blockbusters like ‘Sultan’, ‘Roy’ and ‘Shootout at Wadala'. Rahul has graded ‘Inside Edge’ on the latest Baselight 2 system with multiple GPU’s and finished and delivered in 4K UHD.

Talking about the challenges faced while color grading for their first Amazon Original, FutureWorks Senior Colourist Rahul Purav said, "This is the first time I am doing a show for streaming platform such as Amazon Prime and I had to take some considerations into account during the process. The first one being that viewers can be watching it “n” number of times so we need to be extra cautious in terms of how the content is presented and a very high degree of Quality Control workflow was implemented. Another important aspect was  that as Amazon Prime viewers would be streaming this on various different devices and of various sizes we had to work accordingly ensuring that the minutest details are kept in place yet retaining the structure of the image. To meet this challenge we upped our game and invested in an OLED 4K HDR Professional monitoring solution from Sony that ensured that we were always seeing the correct 4K resolution and no color shift in monitoring. Once that was done, it was a smooth sailing. When we sat down with DoP Sanjay Kapoor, we agreed upon keeping the grade as real as possible. The idea was to not make it unnatural, not to go beyond a certain level of stylising. Keeping it real turns out to be more challenging as stylising would mean, we have option to cover up various areas"

 Sharing his experience about working with FutureWorks, DoP Sanjay Kapur said, "When we first came to FutureWorks, we were looking for a post house that could process and deliver in 4K Raw and UHD. We were also testing delivery in HDR. We needed a post house that could back up it's technology with flair and creativity. Fortunately for us we found that perfect combination in Rahul Purav who is a colourist par excellence. FutureWorks Head of Production, Kailash Khadav and his team provided a perfect pipeline and all round the clock support. The results are out there for everyone to see. We have started pre-production on our new project and I can't wait to finish shooting and be back at FutureWorks to post it." 

Creating waves across the digital realm, 'Inside Edge’ will be launched in over 200 countries worldwide on July 17.