FutureWorks is the BOSS of VFX

Saturday, 19 October 2013 

Working closely with Director Tony D’Souza, FutureWorks delivered a range of work covered explosions, dynamics, CG Plant Animations, matte paints, 3D set extensions and compositing among other visual effects. The work was supervised by our VFX Director Krishnakant Mishra and in a short span of 2 months.

Speaking about the same, Krishna says “Though any Akshay Kumar movie is larger than life, it is important the VFX and CGI are invisible in nature. They had to integrate seamlessly into the scene and compliment the narrative. Boss gave us another opportunity to reestablish our credentials as world class facility whose photorealistic work helps filmmakers enhance a great entertainment experience.

Talking about FutureWorks involvement, Director Tony D’Souza says “Undoubtedly, FutureWorks was one of the best facilities I had worked with in my entire filmmaking career. During our various discussions, they always seemed a step ahead in understanding my needs and giving me exactly what I want”

The extensive set and matte paintings included recreating the whole city of Banaras and extending several sets and locations which further added scale to the movie. These sequences also stand out as a fine example of what can be achieved very economically through intelligent planning of VFX and helps production overcome logistics and shoot challenges.

Boss received one of the highest openings in recent times and will on its way towards becoming one of the highest grosser this year.